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International Sport, Culture & Travel Day

28 JUNE 2018

The transformational power of sport, culture and travel is simply unbeatable. Turning sleepy towns into cherished meccas, city names into globally recognised brands and indistinct places into one-of-kind, destinations of choice.

Sport, Culture and Travel Day at the 2018 International Business Festival examined the remarkable ability of these industries to put place's on the map, exploring how they can turn around a place’s fortunes and shine a global spotlight, like no other sector can.

Lively sessions investigated the impact of immersive technology on footfall, football as a placemaking attraction, the growing popularity of e-sports, how festivals can create a compelling USP and consider whether some overdeveloped places require a totally new approach.

The event examined how to secure stability and opportunity in a changing world and showcased international market opportunities. Delegates met with future partners, buyers and investors and worked to develop profitable, meaningful relationships.

28 June 2018
    • Futures Stage
    • Futures Stage

    Jude Kelly CBE is the former Artistic Director of Britain’s largest cultural institution, the Southbank Centre.

    She has directed more than 100 productions from the Royal Shakespeare Company, to the Châtalet in Paris, founded the pioneering artist laboratory ‘Metal’ and led cultural successful cultural teams for the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.

    At home on the stage, Jude’s has garnered rapturous applause, rave reviews and royal seals of approval, throughout her distinguished career. With a clear talent for transforming places through impressive art and inspiring ideas, Jude is certain to inspire passionate, thought-provoking and spirited performance, throughout our final day. 

    Jude Kelly CBE
    British theatre director and producer
    • Futures Stage

    Major sporting and cultural events can catapult their host city into the consciousness of millions of people all over the globe, redefining their brand, repositioning their place in the world and even giving them a whole new lease of life.

    Major events bring tourism, publicity and generate money, but might they also cost a city more in the long-run and leave only the memory of happier, more celebratory times.

    An international project can be a place breaker as much as it is a place maker. What can be done to help ensure major events work for everyone and leave a lasting legacy?

    Here, a diverse panel of international event stakeholders consider the impact of sporting and cultural events, heritage badges and grand projects to ask who are the real winners and losers and how can the right balance be achieved.

    Joanna Rowelle
    Director in Integrated City Planning
    Professor Kathy Dacre
    Chair of The Development Board
    Shakespeare North
    Rosie Millard
    Hull City of Culture
    • Futures Stage

    WOW Women of The World: Jude Kelly created the Women of the World Festival eight years ago. Around the world, individuals and communities are insisting on the simple proposition that women and girls must have equal rights and asking the question: why is gender equality taking so long?

    Women who are financially independent have greater control over their own lives, are better able to invest in their families, contribute to their economies and have a stronger voice in their societies. This is the view of Cherie Blair, world-renowned human rights barrister, Forbes top five ‘Most Powerful’ woman, and founder of an organisation supporting women in business. 

    This ‘in conversation’ between Jude Kelly and Cherie Blair, looks at what’s happening in 2018, asks if this is the year of equal rights and looks at how we can empower female entrepreneurs in developing and emerging economies.  

    Cherie Blair CBE, QC
    Lawyer, campaigner for women's rights and founder of the
    Cherie Blair Foundation for Women
    Jude Kelly CBE
    British theatre director and producer
    • Futures Stage

    Take a break, grab some lunch, plug and connect with the office and enjoy some networking meetings in our Global Connections Lounge.

    • Futures Stage

    The first major sector to experience the top to bottom disruption of the digital age, the music business has changed immeasurably over recent years

    Yet in this disruptive world, innovative businesses need to find new ways of communicating, telling different brand stories and developing deeper, more meaningful relationships with audiences.

    Does music provide a unique opportunity through which to do this?  It is increasingly being embraced by innovative organisations across all sectors; from international consumer brands such as Red Bull and Levis to tech platforms such as Uber. 

    Why is music so powerful? What does business get from it? And what does it mean for the musicians?

    Shain Shapiro
    Founder and CEO
    Sound Diplomacy
    • Futures Stage

    An extraordinary business showcase event. Eight high-calibre businesses, seek transformative scale-up investment, by pitching innovative new business ideas to a distinguished but discerning panel of top reps, from UK Business Angels Association. Tense, thrilling but potentially totally rewarding.


    • Futures Stage
    If your virtual experience can be as good as the real thing then why bother leaving the house? We talk to some of the people who are using tech to give you a ringside seat from the comfort of your living room, and consider whether the experience would be lost without the real audience there too. We’ll also ask how mixed and augmented reality might enhance spectator participation. Delivered in partnership with The Culture Diary  
    Ben Smith
    Chief Executive Officer
    Eleanor Whitley
    Executive Producer
    Marshmallow Laser Feast
    Luke Ritchie
    Head of Innovation & Partnerships
    Philharmonia Orchestra
    • Futures Stage

    The beautiful game toys with the crowds. The cheers. The chants. The elation. The agony and sheer adoration. All these things make football a heart-stopping game of rise and fall.

    But what impact does winning or losing have on the host destination? How does a team’s success or failure affect the town or city, once the fans go home?

    Premiership football has wide ramifications outside of the game.  Here, our speaker will highlight how winning can do as much for the host city as it does for the team and play an instrumental part in economic regeneration and tourism attraction.

    For fans and non-fans alike, you’ll never see football the same way again.  

    Peter Moore
    Chief Executive
    Liverpool FC
    • Futures Stage
    The Rt Hon Dr. Liam Fox
    Secretary of State for International Trade and President of the Board of Trade
28 June 2018
    • Knowledge Hub

    Discover how to maximise online sales with international e-commerce with Joseph Darwen, International Digital Trade Adviser, DIT.

    • Knowledge Hub

    Sponsorship and business involvement is vital to non-league football clubs.  Hear from a thriving local club and their sponsors about the highs and lows of their experience.

    • Steve Leggett (Local Business Sales Manager, Johnsons Toyota)
    • Gareth Shone (Johnsons Toyota)
    • Knowledge Hub

    Re-examining eternal exporting questions such as; What makes a good distribution partner? What are the tax and regulatory pitfalls? Are cultural differences significant? The world of exporting constantly evolves. Get back to basics with this fundamental session.

    Chris Green
    International Trade Manager
    Judith Kyle
    International Trade Advisor
    Department for International Trade
    Nick Missin
    Head of Trade, North & Scotland
    Paul Grover
    DIT Northern Powerhouse Export Champion
    • Knowledge Hub

    Develop a smart strategy for gaining a strong market foothold in China through Shaanxi Province This session will break down the country’s vast and diverse markets and examine the best micro-economies for your business.

    • Knowledge Hub

    Dave Fu, Managing Partner of Branding Shanghai, will share the practices of Shanghai's city campaign and explore the importance of city branding in a global context.

    Dave Fu
    Managing Partner
    Branding Shanghai
    • Knowledge Hub
    ITC’s SheTrades initiative has invested in 400 female led tourism SMEs across Indonesia, Kenya and Sri Lanka, with truly amazing results. Hear their incredible story and believe in the force of empowering women to benefit the world of business. This session will showcase the challenges women-owned/-led SMEs in the tourism industry face, explore how they differ across countries depending on the size of the economy, culture, and other factors, and the technical assistance requirements based on the ...
    Juan Hoyos
    Adviser Sustainable and Inclusive Value Chains
    International Trade Centre (ITC)
    • Knowledge Hub
    Innovate UK will outline new approaches to financing innovation, including innovation loans and the investment accelerator.
    Nick Bassett
    Head of Investor Partnerships
    Innovate UK
    • Knowledge Hub

    Take a break, grab some lunch, plug and connect with the office and enjoy some networking meetings in our Global Connections Lounge. 

    • Knowledge Hub

    From May 25 2018, there are new EU rules in place, which control how organisations can use personal data – the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will have implications for businesses in the UK, wider Europe and beyond.

    The rules will challenge how we think about personal data in both a personal and commercial context. How will the GDPR impact global trade? What are the challenges? 
    Can businesses balance privacy with global commercial interests?

    Michele Voznick
    • Knowledge Hub

    Increasing digitalisation can mean that busy creatives can stray ever further from real-life relationships with nature and people. This interactive seminar will explore why they should engage with the natural world more, and how it can be a source of inspiration, innovation, and personal well-being.  

    Dan Ryan
    Learning Curator
    Eden Project
    Tom Stevens
    Eden Project
28 June 2018
    • UK Innovation Hub

    Genius ideas breed greater ingenuity. That’s why our UK innovation Hub forms an essential component of the diverse 2018 International Business Festival offer.

    Developed in partnership with Her Majesty’s Government, the UK Innovation Hub represents the most remarkable advancements taking place in British business today.

    At the UK Innovation Hub you can expect to engage with more than 35 leading British businesses throughout the Festival and discover how they are using AI, big data, clean growth, future mobility, and the needs of an ageing society to revolutionise business and rise to global challenges.

    With input from the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial StrategyInnovate UK, the Department for International Trade and the GREAT Britain campaign, there is no better place for businesses to see and experience the very latest British ingenuity.

    Delegates will:

    UK Innovation Hub

    Without innovation business stagnates, slows down and fails to ignite the passion that powers every industry. Visit the UK Innovation Hub, absorb the free-flowing inspiration on offer and use this information to become a leading innovator in your sector.


28 June 2018
    • Hosted Events

    hosted events

    • Hosted Events
    This one-day conference for tourism industry professionals covers all aspects of today’s travel and tourism industry. It focusses on all the major industries within the sector, including hospitality, airlines, cruise, online agents and tour operators
    • Hosted Events
    SheTrades is the International Trade Centre’s (ITC) global initiative to connect one million women entrepreneurs to market by 2020. 
    • Hosted Events
    With the advent of online courts and an EU law requiring companies to signpost customers to Online Dispute Resolution (ODR), this conference brings together many of the leading experts to discuss the impact.
    • Hosted Events

    Bringing together hand-picked host organisations with most influential stakeholders from past, current and future games and key commercial suppliers, the Major Events Summit creates an exciting platform that includes two days of knowledge share and collaboration.

    • Hosted Events
    Like Minds Create unites leading designers and the people who commission them, with the CEO’s of Creative England and The Design Business Association, to really get to grips with the latest in design procurement and best practice.



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