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International Future Transport Day

19 JUNE 2018

The world’s transport sector is changing at the fastest pace since the early decades of last century, thanks to innovation in mass and individual transit. How long before driverless cars and trucks are commonplace, hyperloop trains take us from the west to the east coast of the USA in 13 minutes and, can the UK and other nations realise their ambition of being at the heart of a vibrant, growing space industry?

The 2018 International Business Festival’s Future Transport day considered the impact of new technology on the industry. We heard the latest from the Government’s centres for autonomous vehicles and we highlighted the compelling case for more spaceports. The event also illuminated near-future developments in transport and make a surprisingly strong business argument for more traditional ways of getting from A to B.

The event examined how to secure stability and opportunity in a changing world and showcased international market opportunities. Delegates met with future partners, buyers and investors and worked to develop profitable, meaningful relationships.

19 June 2018
    • Futures Stage

    Computer science genius. Double First Cambridge Graduate and the BBC’s leading voice on all things tech, if Spencer Kelly wasn’t so charming, you might be a little jealous. With an unparalleled talent for making even the most complex new tech seem crystal clear, Spencer’s enthusiasm for his subject is infectious. Expect a great debate on the future of global transport. With Spencer Kelly, it’s always quite a journey.

    Spencer Kelly
    Presenter & Computer Scientist
    BBC's Click
    • Futures Stage

    As multi-billionaire behemoths Richard Branson and Elon Musk battle it out to be the first to build a fully functioning hyperloop, we look at the true viability and transformational impact of clambering into levitating pods and shooting around nations in underground tubes.

    This session will examine the incredible Hyperloop One test work taking place deep in the Nevada desert and the far-reaching implications for people, cargo transport and wider industry.

    If you’ve ever lamented a long and boring journey, wished you could pop across the county in your lunch hour or just like the sound of futuristic people-carriers being furiously propelled along airless, friction-reduced tubes, this session will keep you on the edge of your seat.

    Here, Hyped, a team of students from Edinburgh University who won the SpaceX design award, will talk about their own work, and will be joined by transport specialist from Arup, Lynne Miles.

    Hyperloop advances are happening fast and this session will provide astonishing insight into the long-distance journeys of tomorrow. Buckle in. You’re in for one hell of a ride.

    Lynne Miles
    Associate Director
    • Futures Stage

    Great Britain already has a space industry worth £15bn. But that could be just the start, a small step towards a giant leap in the right direction. Open your mind and expand your horizons because this nation could one day be home to a £40bn space industry that employs hundreds of thousands of people and we know just the man who could help take us there.

    Here, Northern Space Consortium chairman Alan Cross will envisage Britain 2030 as occupying a glorious place in the cosmos, vividly proposing a bright future for British space travel, that could be in our grasp.  

    This event will highlight a clear-cut strategy for stratospheric UK space industry success that could lead to a renaissance of one of man’s greatest industries, hundreds of thousands of jobs and add a powerful, rocket-fuelled boom to numerous other industries.

    Join us on an imagined, but extraordinary journey in time and space. Don’t think of this event as simply transport. Think of it as an epic drama of adventure and exploration, taking us further into the unknown.

    Alan Cross
    Chair of Board of Directors
    Northern Space Consortium
    Shefali Sharma
    Business Development
    Oxford Space Systems (OSS)
    Stuart Martin
    Chief Executive Officer
    Satellite Applications Catapult
    • Futures Stage

    Take a break, grab some lunch, plug and connect with the office and enjoy some networking meetings in our Global Connections Lounge.

    • Futures Stage

    Flying cars? hyper-loop trains? Driverless vehicles? When we think of future travel, we often think high-tech, super-fast or even a bit sci-fi.

    But what if the future of travel is already here? In fact, you already own your desired mode of future travel and it’s probably collecting dust in your garage.

    That’s right, the humble bike still holds the key to our short-distance, travel utopia needs. Healthy, affordable, clean and more productive, bikes are still two-wheeled marvels of the modern age. But it’s our cities and urban areas that really need to catch up.

    Attend this session to discover the ingenious thinking behind this remarkably simple idea. Want to increase travel capacity, reduce obesity, use renewable energy and reduce air pollution? Then we really need to get serious about bikes. 

    Jonathan Rigby
    Commercial Director
    British Cycling
    • Futures Stage

    By land and sea and air autonomous transport is starting to chart and steer its own course.

    Great strides are being taken to advance driverless car technology. Audi are expecting to introduce a fully self-driving model by 2020. Uber predict they’ll be using a global fleet of fully autonomous taxis as soon as 2030. Boeing have just unveiled their first autonomous plane, with Airbus hot on their tail.

    The world of transport as we know it is changing fast and this will have a profound impact on business and our way of life.  Mankind is being freed from a stuck position behind a wheel and autonomous vehicles will soon be transporting people and goods at greatly reduced cost with far greater efficiency.

    Driverless means so much more than not having to drive. Unmanned transport has the potential to greatly enhance our lives, work, and the places we live.  Here leading authorities on autonomous vehicles and transport highlight the extraordinary business impact of a future where ‘drivers’ will never have to touch the controls again.

    Emma Tracey
    broadcast journalist
    BBC news
    Klaus M. Brisch
    Partner, Certified Attorney in Information Technology and Global Head of Technology
    Professor John Miles
    University of Cambridge, Project Architect
    UK Autodrive
    Robin Spinks
    Senior Innovation and Technology Relationships Manager
    • Futures Stage

    Data is the propulsive energy behind the fourth industrial revolution, and AI is the new engine.

    Without data, there is no AI.' Birgitte Andersen, Chief Executive and Founder of the Big Innovation Centre will argue that as the potential for abuse of data is huge, it’s now time we started to look seriously at the ethical conundrums surrounding data and AI.

    Professor Birgitte Andersen
    Big Innovation Centre
    • Futures Stage

    The objective is pretty simple. To increase the impact and contribution of the North of England to the UK economy. It was launched in 2014 and was the brain child of then Chancellor, George Osborne. Four years on, where is the project heading?

    Henri Murison, Director, at George Osborne’s think tank, the Northern Powerhouse Partnership, tells us why we should keep believing.

    Henri Murison
    Northern Powerhouse Partnership
    • Futures Stage

    The disruptors in the service industry - Uber, Amazon, and Deliveroo - deal with problems when they have them, and they deal with them fast. And they are changing the way customers deal with the more traditional brands. Combine this with apps that make the customer more informed than ever before, and the developments in AI, machine learning and analytics, and you have a race on your hands. Alex Cruz, Chief Executive at British Airways talks to us about his industry plans to stay ahead.  

    Alex Cruz
    Chairman and CEO
    British Airways
19 June 2018
    • Knowledge Hub

    Hear from British Airways about how they can help your business operate globally with Hamish McVey, Head of Brand and Marketing, British Airways.

    Hamish McVey
    Head of Brand and Marketing
    British Airways
    • Knowledge Hub

    Hear about doing business in China through Tianjin, a large port city whose economy continues to grow, and which is home to northern China's largest Free Trade Zone.


    • Yimin Duan (Vice Chairman of CCPIT Tianjin Sub-council)
    • Yongqiang Chan (CCPIT Tianjin)
    • Junping Wang (President, Tianjin Binhai Chuangzhi Technology Consulting Co. Ltd.)
    • Knowledge Hub
    Innovate UK will outline new approaches to financing innovation, including innovation loans and the investment accelerator with Jonathan Dorrian, Portfolio Manager, Innovate UK.
    • Knowledge Hub

    Hear from Thane's Municipal Corporation Commissioner about trading opportunities in Thane City, part of the Metropolitan Region of Mumbai.

    Sanjeev Jaiswal
    Thane Municipal Corporation
    • Knowledge Hub

    Hear from Liverpool City Region based business - EV Range Extender Ltd - about their invention, the RangeX™, a new novel micro engine to power an electric vehicle when the charge runs out, allowing the driver or automatous operator to get safely to the nearest charge point to re-charge.

    Jonathan Quinn
    EV Range eXtender
    • Knowledge Hub

    HSBC UK's Head of US Desk will give you some practical information on: US tax law changes; trade policy updates, and; the impact of UK brands in the US.

    Christopher Ames
    Head of US Desk
    • Knowledge Hub
    Take a break, grab some lunch, plug and connect with the office and enjoy some networking meetings in our Global Connections Lounge.
    • Knowledge Hub
    Covering the North Strategic Transport Plan, HS2, Northern Powerhouse Rail and major billion-pound transport investments, this session, chaired by Paul Cherpeau, will focus on the most vital strategic transport developments in the Liverpool City Region and the North of England and how these will impact businesses.
    Mick Noone
    Director of Integrated Transport
    Paul Cherpeau 
    Chief Executive
    Liverpool Chamber of Commerce CIC Group
    Tim Foster
    Head of Economic Advice
    Transport for the North (TfN)
    • Knowledge Hub

    By 2041, the UK will have 70 million people but even without such population growth, our infrastructure – digital and physical – is far short of what it should be.

    In this session, The Institute of Directors (IOD) will explore what are the game-changing interventions we could make by 2041 to make the UK the best connected country in the world and bring the whole country together?

    Dan Lewis
    Senior Advise, Infrastructure Policy
    • Knowledge Hub

    Hear from DWF and key businesses in the transport sector about the challenges and opportunities presented by technology, in a period of unprecedented change.

    Also discover the findings from the latest global transport technology report, as published by DWF this month.

    Adam Anyszewski
    Andrea Amico
    Jack Cooper Logistics US
    Jonathan Moss
    Partner, Head of Transport Sector
    Luke Goggin
    Head of Global Sales Transformation & Operations
    British Airways
19 June 2018
    • UK Innovation Hub

    Genius ideas breed greater ingenuity. That’s why our UK innovation Hub forms an essential component of the diverse 2018 International Business Festival offer.

    Developed in partnership with Her Majesty’s Government, the UK Innovation Hub represents the most remarkable advancements taking place in British business today.

    At the UK Innovation Hub you can expect to engage with more than 35 leading British businesses throughout the Festival and discover how they are using AI, big data, clean growth, future mobility, and the needs of an ageing society to revolutionise business and rise to global challenges.

    With input from the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial StrategyInnovate UK, the Department for International Trade and the GREAT Britain campaign, there is no better place for businesses to see and experience the very latest British ingenuity.

    Delegates will:

    UK Innovation Hub

    Without innovation business stagnates, slows down and fails to ignite the passion that powers every industry. Visit the UK Innovation Hub, absorb the free-flowing inspiration on offer and use this information to become a leading innovator in your sector.


19 June 2018
    • Hosted Events


    • Hosted Events
    Featuring a specially invited panel of key international organisations and individuals, The Space Age: A Global Revolution is a daylong conference designed for industry, start-ups, SMEs, entrepreneurs and investors, whether they're established, or are working to expand into this high growth sector.
    • Hosted Events
    New Mobility Global will focus on how new technologies and innovations are affecting the future of transportation and infrastructure. 
    • Hosted Events

    This conference will explore Global Best Practices in Diversity & Inclusion, highlighting the area’s relationship to supply chains and examining how it can help businesses compete in global markets.

    • Hosted Events
    UKBAA’s flagship Global Investment Summit: Connecting Globally for Investment in Innovation and Growth will showcase the latest trends and opportunities in UK and global markets.



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