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International Creative Industries Day

27 JUNE 2018

Entertaining the world, employing nearly 30 million people and generating global revenues of more than $2 trillion, the creative and cultural industries are a shining star in the world of business.

If the predictions about the huge changes in our working lives are correct, the creative sector can only grow, providing more entertainment, information and education to content-hungry people spending less time at work.

How can creative businesses better work together for mutual benefit? How can your business more effectively export culture and creativity? With artificial intelligence threatening so many jobs, is this one of the few sectors where workers can really add inimitable value?

The 2018 International Business Festival’s Creative Industries Day will focus on new technologies and ask if gamers, artists and traditional programme makers can forge new relationships. And we will look at demographic change and the business case for diversity in the creative industries.

We’ll explore how to find stability and opportunity in a changing world and showcase international market opportunities. You’ll meet with future partners, buyers and investors and develop profitable, meaningful relationships.

27 June 2018
    • Futures Stage

    A very modern visionary, on a mission to breathe new life into old concepts, Wayne Hemingway is the brains behind of one of the UK’s largest design companies – House of Hemingway.

    Built from humble beginnings, Wayne and his company thrive on the philosophy of improving the things that matter in life, obliterating the ordinary, with strikingly powerful but practical design.

    From selling second-hand clothes in a London market to founding the ‘Red or Dead’, Wayne is a man with artistic culture and creative energy coming out of every pore. A challenging thinker, with captivating energy, Wayne will host the day with an inquisitive charm and well-versed veracity. 

    Wayne Hemingway MBE
    Founder & Fashion Designer
    Hemingway Design
    • Futures Stage

    Increased globalisation, new and emerging markets, changing customer behaviour and innovative ways of creating and accessing content are causing extreme shifts in the consumption of global culture and creativity.

    This session brings a strong selection of international cultural organisations together to examine a new strategy for exporting culture and creativity, and will consider how the sector can be used as an effective tool for international diplomacy.

    Is European culture and creativity accessible and prominent enough in the globalized world? Could leaving the EU also herald exciting opportunities international businesses looking to trade with the nation’s creative industries?

    An indispensable session for creative and cultural businesses and consumers looking to grow, sell and buy better in a post Brexit world.

    Alice Webb
    BBC Children’s & BBC North
    Dr Lifen Zhang
    Professor at the School of Journalism
    Fudan University, Shanghai
    Farooq Chaudhry
    co-founder and Producer
    Akram Khan Company
    • Futures Stage

    ‘Without the gale of creative destruction, business cannot develop and thrive’. Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter pretty much coined the concept of disruption 100 years ago. So why do so many businesses still find creative thinking a challenge?

    How genuinely disruptive are the creative industries and what advice can successfully disruptive creative businesses share with those who are failing to really grasp the generally accepted but often confusing notion.

    This session will delve beyond the buzzword and get to the bottom of the agony and the ecstasy of true creative disruption. An essential and entertaining session for businesses looking to reignite their creative spark.  

    Adam Galloway
    Managing Director
    Launchcode Digital
    Cat Lewis
    CEO & Executive Producer
    Nine Lives Media
    Lou Cordwell OBE
    • Futures Stage

    Technological advancements are propelling change in the physical workplace. Office culture and design is becoming more tech savvy, portable, social, and collaborative, from virtual reality projections and 3-D printing, to interactive data-driven design and collaborative workstations.

    The way we work has fundamentally changed from the hierarchical organizations of just a few years ago, and so have the requirements needed from a workspace.

    Multinational corporations like Google and Amazon are predictably leading the way, with open, interactive and inspiring spaces taking over rows of desks. What can we learn from this progressive approach? What are the impacts on business performance and what lessons can smaller companies, with smaller budgets, take from these tech giants?

    Where we work and how the location operates plays a hugely significant role in almost every aspect of business and this enlightening and enterprising session will redefine the workplace of the tomorrow, possibly leading to some redesign and remodelling of your own. 

    David Coats
    WorkMatters Consulting
    Jeremy Myerson
    WORKTECH Academy
    Robyn Dooley
    Director and Learning Designer
    • Futures Stage

    The number of tech employment opportunities is expected to surge by 12% by 2024, which will lead to great competition for top IT professionals.

    With the number of tech positions in web development, biomedical engineering, cybersecurity and analysis expected to grow exponentially within the next year, your business may struggle to acquire the right set of IT skills.

    Here, Liverpool’s three universities unite with Invest Liverpool, to showcase some of the extraordinary tech talent available in the region. Far from the dated stereotype, the men and women with the desired IT skills are becoming highly sought-after in a human-resource scarce market.

    This session will reveal why the ‘geeks’ will inherit the earth, provide invaluable insight from leading tech ‘evangelists’ and computer scientists, clearly outlining the latest IT skills your company needs to be on the look-out today for a brighter tomorrow.

    Carrie Wootten
    Knowledge Transfer Manager
    Immerse UK
    Dr Atif Waraich
    Head of Department of Computer Science
    Liverpool John Moores University
    Dr David Reid
    Associate Professor, Computer Science
    Liverpool Hope University
    Professor Katie Atkinson
    Professor of Computer Science & Head of the Department of Computer Science
    University of Liverpool
    Stephanie Power
    curator and producer, The Futures Stage
    Invest Liverpool & 2018 International Business Festival
    • Futures Stage

    An extraordinary business showcase event. Eight high-calibre businesses, seek transformative scale-up investment, by pitching innovative new business ideas to a distinguished but discerning panel of top reps, from UK Business Angels Association. Tense, thrilling but potentially totally rewarding.


    • Futures Stage

    The first major sector to experience the top to bottom disruption of the digital age, the music business has changed immeasurably over recent years

    Yet in this disruptive world, innovative businesses need to find new ways of communicating, telling different brand stories and developing deeper, more meaningful relationships with audiences.

    Does music provide a unique opportunity through which to do this?  It is increasingly being embraced by innovative organisations across all sectors; from international consumer brands such as Red Bull and Levis to tech platforms such as Uber. 

    Why is music so powerful? What does business get from it? And what does it mean for the musicians?

    Shain Shapiro
    Founder and CEO
    Sound Diplomacy
    • Futures Stage

    ARM licenses chips for everything from smartphones and TVs to passports and lift-control systems.

    Each year, two are shipped for every person on the planet.

    And Simon Segars has a mission: a world of data and intelligence that enhances human capability.

    He’ll talk to us about the power of an ecosystem to power the future and the importance of leadership.

    Simon Segars
    Chief Executive Officer
    ARM Holdings
27 June 2018
    • Knowledge Hub

    During the past decade, the creative economy has become a topical issue on the international economic and development agenda. It is a dynamic emerging sector in world trade and is at the forefront of global sustainable development - with creativity, knowledge and access to information being increasingly recognized as engines for growth.

    The Trade for Sustainable Development (T4SD) of the International Trade Centre (ITC) will present the benefits for the creative businesses offered by its freely accessible online platform Sustainability Map.

    Sandra Cabrera
    Advisor Sustainability Standards & Value Chains
    International Trade Centre (ITC)
    • Knowledge Hub

    As today's corporations try to define their digital strategies of the future, there is a danger that they become bogged down into a poorly understood and somewhat undefined 'cyber-environment'.

    As traditional organization perimeters disappear, an increase in cyber threats can seriously delay and negatively impact a corporate's digital innovation efforts.

    Klaus M. Brisch
    Partner, Certified Attorney in Information Technology and Global Head of Technology
    • Knowledge Hub

    This practical session is designed to help businesses grow, through exporting through two strands of activity.  

    Hear real-life exporting case studies, from successful businesses, with a focus on increasing sales, growth and stability and access critical guidance and support from the Department for International Trade.

    • Knowledge Hub

    Hear from a business destination overseas about trading opportunities in their markets, and about support your business may be able to access.

    Maurice Dezou
    West Africa Consultant
    2018 International Business Festival
    • Knowledge Hub
    This session will highlight the success of Isle of Media through success stories, the many business / funding opportunities available, and touch on why its lifestyle is encouraging more people to call it home.
    Michael Wilson
    Isle of Media
    Zoe Guilford
    Isle of Man Government’s Department for Enterprise specialising in Film & Creative Industries
    • Knowledge Hub
    Hear from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CiPD) about how small UK businesses can build ambition and HR capability, including the benefits of getting HR basics right. And explore the current and future resources that they have on offer to help SME’s build their HR knowledge and capability, including information, practical guidance, tools, and training.
    Ben Willmott
    Head of Public Policy
    Warren Howlett
    Head of HR Content
    • Knowledge Hub
    Take a break, grab some lunch, plug and connect with the office and enjoy some networking meetings in our Global Connections Lounge. 
    • Knowledge Hub
    The largest economy in the world presents a hugely attractive proposition for business. This practical session will examine the barriers and options available to help you develop your strategy for cracking the USA – A true land of opportunity.  
    • Knowledge Hub

    Increasing digitalisation can mean that busy creatives can stray ever further from real-life relationships with nature and people. This interactive seminar will explore why they should engage with the natural world more, and how it can be a source of inspiration, innovation, and personal well-being. 

    Dan Ryan
    Learning Curator
    Eden Project
    Tom Stevens
    Eden Project
    • Knowledge Hub

    Production and post production facilities can help any creative business expand. No longer confined to our nation’s Capital, new facilities film production and post production facilities are securing global contracts and creating incredible work. Learn more about what they can offer your business.  

    • Knowledge Hub

    The Creative Industries Federation will share our insight and advice on how creative enterprises can find the right finance for them.

    So, if you are a creative business or freelancer thinking about accessing external finance, come join us! We look forward to hearing your stories about what works, what doesn’t and what more can be done to support you and your creative ambitions.

    Charlotte Chung
    Deputy Head of Policy & Research
    Creative Industries Federation
27 June 2018
    • UK Innovation Hub

    UK Innovation HubWe are at one of the most important, exciting and challenging times in the history of global enterprise.

    Powered by new technologies, the way we live our lives as workers, citizens and consumers is being transformed across the world.

    There are developments in technology that are set to transform industries and societies around the world, and the UK is at the forefront of this global technological revolution. 

    Learn about the government’s long-term plan to build a UK fit for the future - the Industrial Strategy. Join us at the UK Innovation Hub to explore UK-based innovations that will shape the future global economy in:

    • artificial intelligence and big data
    • clean growth
    • the future of mobility
    • and meeting the needs of an ageing society


    Hear and network with some of the UK’s most innovative business leaders, exporters and investors, and find out more on what government support is available to UK- based organisations, innovators, exporters and foreign investors into the UK to help your business grow. Plus, how Her Majesty’s Government will help businesses create better, higher-paying jobs in every part of the UK with investment in skills, industries and infrastructure.


    The UK Innovation Hub is delivered on behalf of Her Majesty’s Government by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Innovate UK, the Department for International Trade and the GREAT Britain campaign

27 June 2018
    • Hosted Events
    • Hosted Events
    SheTrades is the International Trade Centre’s (ITC) global initiative to connect one million women entrepreneurs to market by 2020.  ITC is the joint agency of the World Trade Organization and the United Nations. 
    • Hosted Events
    The European Search conference, showcases winning campaigns from International SEO and PPC agencies and in-house marketing teams. 
    • Hosted Events
    Accessing the Asian Music Markets will highlight opportunities that exist between UK and Asian markets. 
    • Hosted Events
    This exciting free event for the games industry will bring together high calibre publishers and investors to meet a hand-picked selection of the UK’s finest games developers – all looking for investment and funding.
    • Hosted Events
    Discover how your business can embrace immersive technology.
    • Hosted Events

    Bringing together hand-picked host organisations with most influential stakeholders from past, current and future games and key commercial suppliers, the Major Events Summit creates an exciting platform that includes two days of knowledge share and collaboration.


*Please note, speakers and sessions may be subject to change

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