International Business Festival 2018



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Our 9-day programme was spread across three weeks and centered around nine high-growth industries.

Each day offered four dynamic areas of activity for delegates to participate in; Knowledge Hub, Futures Stage, Investor Programme and UK innovation Hub.

To view the 2018 programme select your week/day below and scroll across each of the four tabs, to see the full day’s activity.

Week 1 

We know the world’s economy is set to almost double in the next two decades. How can your business realise long-term growth? How will technology transform your business and industry? And what jobs will we all be doing?...


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By 2020, half the global population is expected to be living in cities. What opportunities do growing cities create for your business and how can companies help ensure they are more secure, accessible and resource efficient?...

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The amount of energy obtained from renewable sources is on track to surpass fossil fuels by 2040. The world’s resources are finite and we know.  What are the opportunities for your business in a world beyond oil and gas?..


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Week 2

Innovation in mass and individual transit means that the transport sector is changing at the fastest pace since the early decades of last century. Driverless cars , hyperloops and a vibrant private space industry are all on the horizon. What opportunities do these new systems bring to your business?...


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Today we’re in the grip of a fourth industrial revolution fusing digital technology with physical production. What are the opportunities being brought about by disruption in manufacturing? Who are the new makers? And do our workforces have the right skills?...


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Consumers and retailers want a wider variety of goods, faster, with greater ease and of a higher quality than ever before. Business can only grow if we can move goods and data efficiently from A to B. What opportunities exist for your business in developing international supply chains?..


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Week 3

Spending on global healthcare is expected to reach $8.7 trillion by 2020. Life-changing advances in the science of infection are revolutionising the industry. How can your business help pioneer new approaches to global challenges like infectious disease or an ageing population?...


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The creative and cultural industries employ nearly 30 million people internationally, with a total revenue of more than $2 trillion.  If the predictions about the huge changes in our working lives are correct, the creative sector can only grow to provide entertainment, information and education for people spending less time at work...

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Sport, Culture and Travel Day at the 2018 International Business Festival will examine the remarkable ability of these industries, to put places on the map, exploring how they can turn around a place’s fortune, shine a global spotlight, like no other sector can and debate if some overdeveloped places require a totally radical approach

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