29 September 2017


Ian Hughes

This evening (28th September 2017) we held our international launch event at London’s illustrious Lancaster House. Hundreds of high-ranking business leaders, supporters and government officials were all in attendance, eager to find out more about the biggest global business event of 2018.

It was quite a crowd, with scores of notable faces and captains of industry making appearances throughout the evening. But all eyes we’re on one man – despite me looking fantastic, in a new suit – and that man was Prince William, our future King, who had a very special announcement.

HRH The Duke of Cambridge told excited guests that he will be the Patron of Liverpool’s 2018 International Business Festival and will be personally attending the event! He said:

“I am pleased to announce my patronage of the 2018 International Business Festival; an event held in Liverpool on behalf of Britain, bringing together business people from around the world.

‘We know that one of the major challenges for business is access to a skilled workforce. The International Business Festival has a vital role in encouraging businesses to become further involved in the training and mentoring of young people in enterprise.

“It is only by investing in our young people that we will be able to build the fair and prosperous society we all want to live in.

“I very much look forward to seeing the festival myself in June next year, and I trust that it will be an unqualified success putting people in touch, facilitating ideas and increasing prosperity.”

HRH The Duke of Cambridge announces his patronage of the 2018 International Business Festival


It's hard to top a Royal seal of approval (and the statement sounded even better in the Duke's cut-glass, Queen's English, British accent.)

The Prince’s impassioned endorsement of our Festival not only helps to elevate our event to an international audience but also puts invaluable weight behind our global message of ambition and growth through the twin forces inspiration and initiative.

But don’t worry, it wasn’t all about us. You guys were deservedly high on the Prince’s agenda too. The Duke of Cambridge also went on to praise British business and their resourcefulness, stating:

"The UK’s prosperity relies on its wealth of innovative and ambitious small and medium-sized businesses. Whenever I have had the chance to meet the people who run such enterprises, I have been struck by their ingenuity, drive and commitment. They demonstrate the best qualities of our national character.

Max Steinberg CBE, Chairman of the 2018 International Business Festival, said:

‘Having the Duke on board as Festival Patron will be a huge boost to our presence in key international markets, helping us to attract even more delegations to Liverpool next June.

“The opportunities for businesses in the city region, as a result, will be huge, and I implore them to take full advantage.

“As we look to the future, and the new global trading relationships the UK will need to build moving forward, the International Business Festival is more important than ever - and the support of His Royal Highness is hugely welcome.’

Our Festival, held at the Exhibition Centre, Liverpool, next June, will bring together businesses from across the country and around the world to access practical advice, make connections and hear inspirational presentations from industry experts.

New business deals valued at £250m were created at last year’s instalment of our Festival, with around 500 UK companies securing export deals worth over £87m. Be one of them and get your share. Purchase your ticket now.  Liverpool’s #BusinessFest 2018 already looks set to be will be fit for a (future) King.  

Buy your ticket now, here. 

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