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Just because you’re in business, doesn’t mean you’re all business. You still want to have a good time, enjoy yourself and indulge in all the things that make life great, right? Course you do. Everyone does and we’ve selected the perfect city for you: Liverpool.

It’s never all business in Liverpool. Far from it. This city is one fun-loving place, for crazy-good times with plenty of laughs.  

Now, the chances are, you already know about Liverpool. The sport. The music. The people. All these things make the city unforgettable. But Liverpool loves to give you more and this city’s got it going on in every department.

Bursting with unbeatable attractions, shops, restaurants, pubs and clubs and blessed with natural geographical beauty, Liverpool is quite simply a ‘ten’. A total knock-out. A holiday romance you never forget. A heart-stopping, party stomping city of culture, class and cool, creative energy.

That’s why we’re back here in the city, for 2018, for the third consecutive time. The year is a very special one for Liverpool and it’s set to be one of the brightest and most memorable the city has ever witnessed.

Liverpool isn’t simply a side-order of fun that sits alongside our Festival. It’s a beautiful, bountiful, banquet that surrounds our event and helps to add a truly unique character and personality to all proceedings, in or out of business hours.

Join our Festival from the 12th – 28th June 2018 and proudly mix business and pleasure with us, in Liverpool. Read on for more. You’ll have the time of your life in this city. Trust us. We love to have a good time too.


Liverpool is getting all giddy with excitement. Why? Because the city is planning something big, bold and brilliantly creative next year.  The year 2018 is primed to be another defining moment in the city’s illustrious history; a year-long celebration of Liverpool’s immersive culture and uncompromising character.

In 2008 Liverpool became one of the most successful European Capital of Culture cities ever. Ten years later, in 2018, the city will build upon that legacy with a thrilling 12-month celebration that will aim to top 2008 and take you on a whole new journey.

The full programme of activity is yet to be released, but we can tell you about a number of highlights that will be shaping your Summer, come 2018 and making your ‘after hours’ time away from our Festival as rich and memorable as possible.

Ten years in the making, 2018 will be Liverpool’s seminal year. Here’s a taste of things to come:


14th July – 28th October 2018

14th July – 28th October 2018

Every two years Liverpool becomes a striking, city-wide canvas of modern art, thanks to Liverpool Biennial, the internationally renowned festival of modern art which challenges our perceptions and fuels debate.

The artistic concept and title for the 10th edition of the Biennial – Beautiful World, where are you? – derives from a 1788 poem by the German poet Friedrich Schiller. But don’t worry, Biennial 2018 isn’t really about eighteenth century poetry.

It’s about a world gripped by deep uncertainty, social, political and environmental turmoil and living in on a planet divided.  (A theme one could easily argue is even more relevant today) Expect wondrous sights, heated debate, puzzled looks and enthralled faces. Liverpool Biennial delights, disarms, charms and terrifies in equal measure. But, rest assured, it always delivers.

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Blake, Lowry, Picasso, Turner, Warhol, Monet, Mondrian, Klimt. For the past 29 years, blockbusting art has been a permanent fixture at Tate Liverpool, causing a stir and skyrocketing visitor numbers.

Next year things are expected to be even more spectacular. In 2018 Tate Liverpool celebrates 30 years of being the Northern home of National Modern Art.

The landmark gallery is famously the most visited outside of London and has a stellar reputation for bringing big name artists to the public, with impressive and thought-provoking exhibitions, that thoroughly explore the artists behind the masterworks.

But Tate Liverpool is so much more than that. Yes, it displays four floors of world-class paintings, photography, sculpture and installations. But it also shows people the wonders of the world, through the eyes of our greatest ever visual artists, with all the colours, complexities and shades imaginable. And it’s impossible to leave Tate Liverpool without a deeper appreciation for art and even life itself.

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February – October 2018

February – October 2018

Few exhibits, even global ones, shift tickets and sell out galleries on the strength of their name alone. Titanic is one. The Terracotta Army is another.

One of our planet’s greatest historical discoveries comes to Liverpool World Museum in 2018. Awesome, terrifying, beautiful and extraordinary, China’s Terracotta Army reveal China’s first Emperor’s obsession with life after death and the retention of power, no matter what the cost.  

This clay army, complete with weapons, horses, concubines and chariots comes from a secret underground necropolis that makes the Egyptian Pharos seem modest by comparison. The army  cost many men their lives and forever changed our understanding of ancient Chinese civilisation.

Witness the unbelievable tale behind the 8,000 strong warriors. Discover their purpose, the story behind creation and how their secrets came to be unearthed, through one of the most significant archaeological find man has ever made.

China’s Terracotta Warriors represent unimaginable history in human form. See them in Liverpool during our Festival.




16 & 17 June

Certain things make a weekend great. Outdoor fun in the sun, amazing food, cool live music and a great chilled out holiday atmosphere. Africa Oyé delivers these things on all fronts. It can’t guarantee sunshine, but it can guarantee a great time. Just ask any of the 80,000 people who attended last year.

Like the sound of free live reggae, soul and new African music, fused with international food, our beautiful Sefton Park and shiny-happy people? Good because the free Africa Oyé is one positive, life affirming and thoroughly enjoyable event. Forget about business, forget about your worries and feel fabulous with us at Africa Oyé in 2018.

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16 & 17 June



The Liverpool City Region is governed by the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority (LCRCA), led by Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram, and made up of the leaders and mayor of its six constituent local authorities – Halton, Knowsley, St Helens, Sefton, Wirral and Liverpool.





Liverpool’s official destination marketing website presents an unparalleled view of the best attractions, events, shops, bars, restaurants and accommodation, the city region has to offer. For thousands more reasons to visit Liverpool during our festival head over to


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