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Ian Hughes
26 April 2019

Long established. Stellar reputation. Experts in their field. Back in 2018 Wynne Aviation were a business on the rise. Throughout their 30 plus years in the freight handling business, their rapid dispatch service had kept cargo moving all over the world, deploying their own fleet to keep freight on the go with specialist skills and a super-swift service.

They had built a loyal and diverse portfolio of clients, expanded from road and freight to rail and aviation, set up a perfectly-situated base in Liverpool John Lennon Airport and upgraded their equipment, enabling them to handle the world’s biggest goods.  The company also took advantage of new technology and processes, employing x-ray screening and establishing an in-house customers clearance team, giving them the capability to clear goods quickly through the world’s main ports and airports.

Wynne Aviation’s need for speed was, and is, critical but the company understood the value of taking the time to chart a better course, in order to aim higher and go further than ever before. Wynne Aviation’s greatest ambition could be summarised by one statement. ‘We need to land ‘big player’ contracts in the logistics sector'. Part of their strategy? Attend Liverpool City Region’s 2018 International Business Festival.

Wynne Aviation

Understandably, the time conscious company were unable to attend all nine days of the event. Naturally, ‘Global Logistics and Shipping Day’ (21st June 2018) was firmly on their radar. The plan? Participate in keynote sessions, discover the latest innovations in the sector, look for leads and develop partnerships to generate sales.

Global Logistics and Shipping, at least on the surface, may sound like a strictly sector-only theme but the day brought a major, £1.3bn innovation fund announcement from British Secretary of State for business, Greg Clark;  investigated the role of A.I in the movement of goods; examined the places we will live in the future and the role of business in tomorrow’s society.

True to their plan, Wynne Aviation got stuck in. Arranging meetings with useful delegates, introducing themselves to the contacts with potential, asking pertinent questions at keynote sessions and networking, the good old-fashioned way, face-to-face, over lunch and armed with business cards. First place on their hit-list? Priority Freight – a world-leading freight logistics company who were handling cargo for a real high-flyer and Liverpool City Region neighbour, Jaguar Land Rover.

Jaguar Land Rover

Now, Wynne Aviation had been trying to make a connection with Priority freight for some time but for one reason or another, they couldn’t quite get their pitch off the ground. But the International Business Festival blew the chocks away. At the event, Wynne Aviation were able to meet representatives from Priority Freight face-to-face, using their time to talk about their innovations, fast and reliable service and ability to get large cargo anywhere in the world, in almost record time. Priority Freight took note.

Realising how Wynne Aviation’s unique set-up could benefit one of their biggest clients, Priority Freight went on to award Wynne Aviation a substantial £250,000 sub-contract to deliver Jaguar Land Rover Cargo on their behalf – boosting Wynne Aviation’s profile and profits and giving the company a stronger platform to attract further major players.

But The 2018 International Business Festival has also helped Wynne Aviation spread their wings in other ways. The festival showcased the latest logistics technology, blockchain financing methods and communicated opportunities that the latest changes in in transport and operator licensing present. Each component of the festival helped Wynne Aviation stay ahead of their competitors. The company is now actively considering a sizable investment in cryptocurrency tech, to further boost their long-term competitiveness.

Wynne Aviation

It’s easy to see why we love Wynne Aviation’s story. Yes, it demonstrates the effectiveness and value of our event and demonstrates the ingenuity and talent across the Liverpool City Region. But the real reason we love it is because of Wynne Aviation’s sheer drive and determination. They took what the 2018 International Business Festival presented and ran with it. They could have stayed grounded. They could have passively attended. They could have been happy where they were. 

Taking the initiative and strategising beforehand breeds far greater success. Persistence pays and breaking out of your day-to-day responsibilities, to really work on your business, can turbo-energise any company and take success to a whole new level. Attend future Liverpool City Region business events. Take the time to really make them work for you. Seize opportunity, network smarter, broaden your business horizons and the sky’s the limit.

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