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Ian Hughes
04 October 2018

Opening with a stirring endorsement from Prime Minister Theresa May (sadly sans dance) and closing with an engaging round-up of achievements from British Secretary of State, Dr Liam Fox, the 2018 International Business Festival drew strong praise from a glittering array of powerful people, across the nation.

Here we’ve rounded-up a small sample of typical quotes from politicians, partners, speakers and business people to remind you how the International Business Festival works to celebrate and support the growth and development of a world of business.

One person, one company and one event can make a difference. Creating connections, sharing expertise, spearheading change and bringing people together has the power to ignite a spark that leads to great success, in business and in life.  Read the quotes below and relive a little highlight of summer 2018.





“The Festival is really important - for Liverpool and the North-West to show what a fantastic place it is for businesses that are here and to attract more. And in terms of the Industrial Strategy, showing off the things we’re really good at – innovation, invention, having really good skills in the workforce, international connections – to the rest of the world.

Greg Clark, Business Secretary


“It was a very engaging day. The level of discussion – and also audience engagement – was very high, which made for a stimulating day”

Global Economics Day host Tanya Beckett, BBC World News


“This event focused the attention of the global business community on the opportunities here in the UK and helps us look towards a future when international trade is not a novelty but the norm. Together we can build a truly global Britain."

Dr Liam Fox, British Secretary of State


“It’s great to be here in Liverpool in this fantastic venue to have the opportunity to meet with people from all over the world who are working in some of the most exciting areas of business and technology. It’s a fantastic opportunity to make those new connections which can really make a difference to your business.”

Arancha González, executive director, International Trade Centre


“It’s very easy being in business and having your nose to the grindstone but you do gain a lot from meeting people. It’s people coming together that creates ideas and ultimately creates employment. We’ve had a full house all day and very lively discussions. It’s been great.”

Wayne Hemingway, Creative Industries Day host and designer


“Where else can you get to see on the same day the head of sustainability for a big British supermarket, a shadow minister, two guys who are inventing a new modular battery and all the innovators we’ve seen? They don’t go away afterwards for a swanky cup of coffee and a prawn sandwich, they hang about. You get access to people you only read about in the newspaper.”

Mark Shayler, Sustainable Energy Day host and environmental consultant


“There are 150 delegations from 90 different countries with the opportunity to do business but also for us to showcase everything we have to offer in the city region. They will be hopefully telling other people that Liverpool is not only a great place to do business but it’s a fantastic place to visit.”

Steve Rotheram, Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor


“It’s about meeting our clients and meeting new clients. It’s a great platform to learn more about our customers and listen to what they want from us, to meet their needs. The variety of technology and products is really wonderful.”

Sue Ann Tay, Director of China and RMB Internationalisation, HSBC


"Britain has always been a champion of trade and a hub for commerce and exchange between our nations. There is perhaps nowhere in the country that embodies this more than Liverpool. But the festival also gives us an opportunity to look beyond the immediate term and at our collective future."

HRH The Duke of Cambridge



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